недеља, 27. јануар 2013.


Hi girls

Today we can talk about shopping.All we know that girls like shopping.When we are not the mood only one thing can help us SHOPPING.Some of us know that we can't spend all money on clothes.And that girls can't understand us SHOPAHOLIC.They just can't understand that feeling when you go in the store,when you smell the smell of new clothes.When you see those beautiful heels,and you know that you have a lot of heels already. The color is red ,oh you already have four pairs of red heels,but this is so special.If only I had these heels wouldn't need it nothing else.Oh my god what is their price.Cost a fortune.Means that the quality and beautiful.They worth every penny.I will buy them.I'm happy and I moving house.But whait I see something.O no I spend a lot of money on new expensive heels,I can't buy anything.I will just take a look.I'm going to the store ,I see that beautiful dress.Oh my god thats on sale.Looking at its old price practically they give dress free.I need to but this dress,just this.That's the last thing I bought today.Wait a minute,what I see there new colection. Hm I will just take a look.And then I saw her in the corner.Beautiful brown bag.It must be mine.No,no I spend a lot of money.I turn around and go to the exit.Should I leave it to someone else? Some ruthless owner? Someone who do not know with what should be combined. NO.I will save this bag.I will buy it. And I going to my car. I turn around I must back to buy that turquoise shawl..............