субота, 26. јануар 2013.


Every girl needs to be beautiful.All girls wear make-up to achieve this.But the truth is that every girl is beautiful in its own way.Emphasize with make-up your beauty but we need to know some rules.
1.Do not put make-up on your face when you practice.
2.We also doesn't use make-up when we on the beach.
3.Make-up must be qualitative because it's put on our skin.Bad make-up can destroy our skin,can cause itching,redness,pimples.So girls don't save money on make-up.
4.Make-up should be removed before sleeping.
5.Try to put as little powder.
6.Always when tou get home first what you should do is to remove make-up.
7.You should know different between evening make-up (more dark eyes,more make-up) and daily make-up (less make-up,brighter colors)
8.When you emphasize your eyes,than lips should be neutral
9.When you emphasize your lips than less make-up on eyes