субота, 09. фебруар 2013.

My jewelry

Dolce & Gabbana

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana for thirty years dictate fashion.Their clothes are irreplaceable.They become one of the most famouse brands.

One style of Dolce & Gabbana. Intressting ,beautiful,immaginative,incredible,irreplaceable.

Cosmetics high quality.

Giorgio Armani

We all know this famous brand.The claim that the Armani is king of Italian fashion definitely true.Has a strong influence in the world. He introduced casually cuts.He improved the styling of many famouse personalites.I reccomend you look at the new collection.


When I was in Vienna,I was delighted.Vienna is a beautiful town. Each building exudes beauty.Beautiful horse-drawn carriages circling.In the center there are shops of famouse brands.Also located in the center and Starbucks coffe.I love the smell of coffe that is felt in the air when you walk past Starbucks. Enjoy sipping Starbucks coffe walks the streets of Vienna.Rights fairytale. :))

петак, 08. фебруар 2013.

субота, 02. фебруар 2013.

beautiful outfits

 Baby pink pants whit a white shirt with lace and gold bracletes.The perfect combination.Feminine and sexy.To go out .
 The unusual combination.Cute black hat and black heels make this combination a rebellious.
 Well this is something special.Black socks with polka dots are very girly.Gold jacket looks mighty. And little black dress. Just perfect.
 Nice combination.Very sexy. And purse with animal print is a hit.

My owl ring

Special bags :)

Purse-my weakness.
orange and black elegante purse.

My drawings

 Blue-gray dress.
 Black-yellow dress with circles.
 Blue dress with sequins.
 White dress with red weal. Black purse with red weal and black hat with red tape.
black dress with see-trough skirt.